Why We Minister

The Need for Healing

Heritage and Inheritance

Taking Back the Land

The Need for Healing

Time does not heal all wounds, only Yeshua does. In Luke 4:18 we read that He was sent by The Father to “heal the brokenhearted” and to “preach deliverance to the captives” and He is still doing this today.

Hurting people hurt people and we have all been hurt. If left untreated, the wounds we receive in life can become crippling  and affect those we love. Healing and deliverance are critical and foundational for a believer to walk in victory and be free from the bondage of the enemy.

Our battle is with the kingdom of darkness, and satan – our adversary – seeks to kill, steal and destroy. He looks for areas in our lives where he can gain access. These “open doors” are the enemy’s invitation to enter in and cause problems.

The RTF integrated approach brings these areas to the Light of our Messiah so they can be healed.

Heritage and Inheritance

We are all born with a natural heritage, identity and birthright. For most of us, this natural inheritance contains both positive and negative aspects. We can inherit and receive things from our earthly family that impair our ability to live a life free from bondage and pain.

When we become believers we undergo a different kind of birth that comes with a spiritual birthright and identity. We become “joint heirs seated with Him in heavenly places”. Through this new birthright we are given a position of power and authority. We must learn how to appropriate this spiritual identity in order to cast off the natural birthright we all inherited through the fall of mankind and the entering of sin into the world.

Taking Back the Land

Spiritual inheritance needs to be possessed just as the “Promised Land” needed to be possessed by God’s people. God said He had already given them the land; it was promised but it needed to be taken.

In order to do so, Israel had to actively engage in the battle. The same is true for God’s promises for us in the spiritual realm. These “promised lands” have already been given and we will help you take ownership. Scripture is clear that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood when it comes to possessing our inheritance.

Part of our mission is to teach and train you how to “contend for the faith”. Just as David defeated Goliath, we are here to teach, minister and train you to slay the giants standing in the way of you entering into God’s promises.

In the RTF integrated approach we address the “4 problem areas” that hinder spiritual growth.

  1. Sins of the Fathers & Resulting Curses (SOFC)
  2. UnGodly Beliefs (UGB)
  3. Soul, Spirit Hurts (SSH)
  4. Demonic Oppression (DO)

What does “Sins of the Fathers & Resulting Curses” mean?

What does “Ungodly Beliefs” mean?

What does “Soul, Spirit Hurts” mean?

What does “Demonic Oppression” mean?

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