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Our Ministry Changes Lives!


RTF Testimony from Russian Congregation in Israel

Our Ministry Changes Lives!


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People Love Our Ministry!

Amazing People Love our Ministry … and You will too!

  • After an impartation weekend from Heritage House Ministries at our congregation, I was filled with more joy and also have more confidence in the plans that God has for me.

    Jason H. Youth Seminar participant
  • This is a great seminar and I would love to attend another!

    Nick T. "Live Free in Messiah" Workshop, Phoenix, AZ
  • Ira and Gloria are genuine disciples of God who love to see people set free. I can't recommend their ministry highly enough!

    J. Rubinstein
    J. Rubinstein Congregational Leader
  • Heritage House workshop in our synagogue represented a great breakthrough. We had almost 400 attendees from many different places in Brazil who came not only to learn about healing and deliverance, but to be guided through a fantastic method of practical tools based in the Word of God.
    Matheus Z. Guimaraes Associate leader - Har Tzion Messianic Jewish Synagogue
  • Rabbi Ira and his wife Gloria have been in contact with us since 2001, when we started a Messianic Jewish School in our city, Belo Horizonte. They have traveled to Brazil several times to help and strengthen the Messianic Community not only in our city, but in other cities as well with their teaching and vision for personal growth.
    Rabbi Marcelo Miranda Guimaraes Founder of Teaching From Zion Ministry Brazil and senior Rabbi at Har Tzion Messianic Jewish Synagogue - UMJC.
  • Heritage House was a transformative program and during a time in my life that I'll never forget and always appreciate. I read Scripture with more expectation and I attribute much of that to the teachings and discipleship from Heritage House. Being challenged and encouraged to grow with God was foundational to the intensive, and I was coached on how to carry that into my current and future day-to-day living. With Heritage House, I notice I give with more focused servant-leadership in my congregation, community and with family and friends. I know God is interested in having a dynamic relationship with His children, and I feel so blessed that God used Heritage House as a vehicle of transformation in my life.
    Stephanie E. former Heritage House intern
  • Gloria and Ira, Thank you again for your investment of time and energy to help me “clean house.”  Today is my first day walking in true freedom! It feels great. In the past, I have told a few people I felt literally “haunted” every day with the anxiety, worry and guilt over my problems in my life. I don’t hear those voices of doubt and initial trance thoughts today that stirred me constantly. I clearly see how those thoughts covered me like a wet blanket; heavy, blinding and suffocating. I look forward, into the light of what the Lord has in store for me as I move forward with renewed convictions of love and strength in Him. Thank you for the gifts of safety and confidentiality and love during our time together.
    R.C. Restoring the Foundations Ministry receiver
  • I have  experienced many “deliverances”, Theophostic sessions, various secular and pastoral counseling;  the list goes on. I’m 66 now, and still had some ungodly beliefs (lies about myself) stopping me from living the rest of my life in freedom and peace. Then I experienced the RTF healing program   With the help of my RTF ministers Ira and Gloria, God revealed the lies (ungodly beliefs) I was believing.  Now I am  walking is the truth (Godly beliefs) about who I really am in Him. The RFT process is thorough and  life changing.  It truly restored the foundation of Gods  love for me, and who I am in Him.
    B.M. received RTF healing ministry
  • Heritage House's Ministry develops wholeness in people's lives.

    Tim Hyslip
    Tim Hyslip Congregational Leader
  • Thank you so much for doing this as very few people are aware of these key pieces of truth. I really desire to understand and function in these revelations and see captives freed.

    Joseph K. "Live Free in Messiah" Workshop, Phoenix, AZ
  • Heritage House walked alongside me in helping me understand and appropriate what discipleship is. They did this very thoroughly in a very short amount of time.  Prayer, worship, self examination, scripture study, understanding the character, nature and love of God...all of these aspects were part of the immersion of time that I experienced while at Heritage House and I am grateful. It left a lasting impact on me. The relationships also, the small group setting and sense of community was the icing on the cake for sure. Its worth the investment of your time. Do it.
    Danny F. Summer Discipleship Program participant
  • “Life-impacting, encouraging, engaging, and break-through” these were the words I heard from youth for weeks after Rabbi Ira Brawer and his ministry team left from a weekend of ministry at Beth Messiah. Rabbi Ira and his ministry team brought a level of excellence and practicality that our youth desperately needed to get the breakthrough we had been praying for here at our congregation. There entire team was a joy to work and showed the utmost respect and courtesy to our parents, youth, and leaders. We are grateful for their ministry service and look forward to seeing them again in the near future.
    Michael Vowell Rabbi, Beth Messiah
  • Heritage House has equipped me with the most solid yet simple foundations that every leader must have in order to be a leader in the Messianic movement during these last days. The principles taught through Heritage House should be applied into every ministry if they desire to raise up this next generation to be leaders under God and not followers of the world.
    Taylor E. Youth Seminar Participant

The Need for Healing

Time does not heal all wounds, only Yeshua does. In Luke 4:18 we read that He was sent by The Father to “heal the brokenhearted” and to “preach deliverance to the captives” and He is still doing this today.

Hurting people hurt people and we have all been hurt. If left untreated, the wounds we receive in life can become crippling  and affect those we love . Healing and deliverance are critical and foundational for a believer to walk in victory and be free from the bondage of the enemy.

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